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"Durch das In&Out Mentoring habe ich nun ein Offer von Oliver Wyman - meiner Wunschunternehmensberatung!"

Saskia | M. Sc. Accounting & Management

Das In&Out Mentoring Programm hat mich perfekt auf die Bewerbung in Unternehmensberatungen vorbereitet. Ich habe mehrere Angebote von Top Beratungen erhalten und starte jetzt bei Oliver Wyman – meiner Wunschunternehmensberatung.

Mich hat es beeindruckt wie engagiert die Coaches waren – in diesem Programm steht definitiv der Erfolg der Kandidaten im Fokus und nicht die schnelle Massenabfertigung.

"With In&Out I got invitations from BCG, Bain, EY Parthenon, and Roland Berger, even though I was previously rejected!"

Nico | M. Sc. CEMS International Management

It was my dream to start in consulting after university. First, I tried applying on my own, but oftentimes I did not even receive an invitation to the interviews and when I was invited, I struggled with the challenging case studies.

In&Out turned my application documents around 180°. Afterwards I received invitations from top consultancies like Bain, BCG, Parthenon, and Roland Berger. With their unique approach to case studies, I was able to solve even the most challenging cases without getting stressed.

I now signed a full time offer from my dream consultancy and I am super happy that I took the program with In&Out. I can highly recommend it to anyone who considers consulting a viable career path.


"Ich konnte mir ein MBB-Angebot sichern!“

Matthias | B. Sc. Engineering

Die Zusammenarbeit mit dem In&Out-Team war angenehm und erfüllend. Ich habe mehr über meine Ziele und Fähigkeiten gelernt und dabei auch ein MBB-Angebot in einem der Top US-Büros einholen können.

Klar und strukturiert haben Sie mir geholfen meine Case Fähigkeiten zu verbessern und meine Schlüsselerfahrungen im Personal Fit Teil des Interviews effektiv zu kommunizieren. Besonders beeindruckend ist es, wie investiert das In&Out Team in meine Entwicklung ist und wie viel persönliche Freude es daraus zieht, jeden einzelnen Teilnehmer zum Erfolg zu coachen.

"The In&Out program helped me break into top-tier consulting"

Bodo | Master in the Electric Power Industry

I was already working in a Tier 2 consulting firm when I signed up for the In&Out-Consulting program because I wanted to make the next step and break into top-tier consulting.

At first, I was skeptical, because I possessed a lot of consulting skills already, but Moritz and Niclas have really blown me away. It was totally worth it. They sharpened my application documents and made me ready to tackle any case. I would definitely join the program again.

"Very personal and individual program! It has changed my mindset completely."

Isabelle | Master of Arts in Marketing Communication

What surprised me most about my journey with Moritz and Niclas is, that the In&Out-Consulting program is very personal and individual. The program completely changed my mindset and I now feel much better prepared for my applications.

Before In&Out I prepared with friends, watched YouTube videos, and read case books, but the program has outperformed all those and my expectations. I can highly recommend anyone who is serious about getting hired in consulting to do the program with Moritz and Niclas.

"This program is better than any other form of preparation"

Markus | M. Sc. Data Engineering

I also considered other preparation programs, but my decision to do the In&Out-Consulting Program was super worth it:

Moritz and Niclas elevated my case game and application documents to another level. Now I feel perfectly prepared for the whole application process. I can highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to apply for and work in consulting.


"Ich bin super happy über mein Accenture-Offer"

Luisa | B. Sc. International Business

Nach Stationen in kleineren Unternehmen und in einem Konzern wollte ich gegen Ende meines Bachelors unbedingt noch ein Beratungspraktikum machen.

In&Out hat mich perfekt auf den gesamten Bewerbungsprozess vorbereitet. Jetzt habe ich meinen Job bei Accenture bereits gestartet und bin super froh, dieses Programm gemacht zu haben. Vielen Dank für den engagierten Support und die tolle Zusammenarbeit!

"I can now structure any case interview with ease"

Joao | Master of Mechanical Engineering

What makes the In&Out-Consulting program stand out is that it is very personal. The team really adjusts to the level of experience of each candidate. In my case they really helped me to perfect my application documents and my case solving technique. Thanks to the program my resume is in better shape, highlighting the achievements I’ve had in my career. In addition, they helped me in learning how to best structure any business problem. I feel now much more confident in solving case studies.


"The In&Out Mentoring helped me receive my dream job at Deloitte"

Onkar | Master of Business Administration and Engineering

I wanted to switch from mechanical engineering to consulting. I knew that receiving an offer from one of the top firms would be a challenge.

The In&Out Mentoring prepared me for every step along the application process. I received invitations from the top players and was perfectly equipped with all the tools to master the interviews and the case studies. I can highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to start out in consulting.

"I scored two offers from Kearney and Simon Kucher. Thanks In&Out!"

Artus | B. Sc. International Business Administration

For me, there are two main aspects that make the In&Out program stand out:

First of all, the mentorship is amazing. You can really feel that the team is 100% dedicated to your success. It is not a purely academic course but very hands-on and extremely personal.

The second part is the amazing content. I had already participated in numerous international case competitions and therefore was already very experienced in solving cases. I would have never thought that my case game would improve so much through In&Out.

"I received a consulting offer, which could not be more suitable for me!"

Mohamad | M. Sc. Renewable Energy Engineering & Management

I have already been working fulltime as a project engineer and wanted to make the transition to consulting while still keeping a focus on engineering.

Now, I managed to receive a consulting offer that could not be more suitable for me. The In&Out Mentoring perfectly supported along the entire application process and played a major role in my success. Highly recommended, the In&Out Team is amazing.

"I am one step closer to getting my dream job in consulting"

Sudheer | M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering RWTH Aachen

An awesome course offered by very friendly and knowledgeable consultants who enjoy every part of it and try their best to get you ready for consulting. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience from initial application strategy to the final interview.

I would like to thank Moritz and Niclas for making sure that I become a successful consultant.


"I am very thankful for this amazing start into my career"

Lukas | M. Sc. Engineering & Management

With the help of In&Out-Consulting I was able to land my dream job at one of the largest management consultancies. Especially their approach to case studies is absolutely unique and goes far beyond anything I have learned before. I am very thankful for this amazing start into my career.

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